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© L. Mills



We are based in Australia on the beautiful Central Coast, in between Sydney and Newcastle. We live on an acreage property with our Lappie family.

We enjoy partaking in various dog sports and our dogs are our family, often accompanying us to work and sleeping at the end of our bed.

Dedicated to the maintenance and development of the Finnish Lapphund breed in Australia, we enjoy being active in the Finnish Lapphund community. We have been fortunate to be surrounded by many people who have assisted and continue to assist us to develop our kennel.

We are members of the NSW Finnish Lapphund Club, the Tracking Club of Victoria, and the Finnish Lapphund Club of Victoria and the Lapphund Club of Finland. 

We are focused on the development of Finnish Lapphunds in Australia that are true to type, in conformation and temperament. To aid this, we have imported four Lapphunds from Finland as well as frozen semen to use in our breeding program.



We are always happy to speak with and meet people who are looking at adding a Finnish Lapphund to their family. Please don't hestitate to make contact.

We hope you enjoy perusing our site, please note, words in purple are linked to other pages/documents/websites. And most photos are a slideshow gallery; hover over the photo and an arrow will appear, click to view ensuing photos.


Lauren Mills

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