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Blog- April 2013

Photo credit- Lauren Mills

Stroud Show 2013

6th April 2013



The Orical crew had a lovely day out at the Stroud Show; with Melissa Sparrow and Bryan Hagg visiting with Kiira (Neuter Ch Orical Secret Wish) all the way from Victoria, it was the first time the three Wish litter siblings had been in the ring together and they didn't disappoint. With an entry of 12 Lappies, Annika was awarded reserve bitch and Intermediate of Breed. Mushka was Open of Breed. And Kiira Neuter in Group!




Photo credit- Lauren Mills

Finnish Lapphund Club of NSW Picnic

7th April 2013



We had an enjoyable day at the FLCNSW Picnic with a record breaking 24 Lappies in attendance! 

Gallery coming soon. 




Photo credit- Lana Theo

Nuppu and Asta visit Rovaniemi, Lapland

8th-11th April 2013



With only six weeks until Nuppu and Asta fly to Australia, they are making the most of the remainder of time in their homeland. In this trip, the girls managed to tick a couple of items off the wish list!

Firstly they travelled from Helsinki to Rovaniemi, Lapland. Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland, it is situated about 5km south of the Arctic Circle. Rovaniemi is the hometown of Santa Claus! The girls handled the 12 hour train trip very well (yes dogs are permitted on trains in Finland) and enjoyed their time at a local cabin.

The main purpose of the trip was to visit Nuppu's dam, the gorgeous Risku! Risku is one of the top bitches in Europe with many show ring accolades to her name. In addition, she has the sweetest temperament imaginable, is very intelligent and is very much in tune with her lovely owner Anni Holappa, who hosted Lana, Nuppu and Asta and acted as local tour guide. 

The girls enjoyed running free in the Arctic circle, playing with Risku and Anni's other dogs, meeting THE Santa Claus and seeing the sites of Lapland. 

Gallery here. 


Photo credit- C. Clarke

Photo credit- Lauren Mills

Annika achieves her first tracking trial pass! 

13th April 2013



This weekend we travelled to the first tracking trial for 2013. Having trained with Annika heavily during the 2012 Winter tracking season but not actually making it to a trial, we decided to dust off the harness, old socks and tracking lead and give this trial a shot. Annika remembered exactly what to do and completed track one concisely and swiftly, earning her first tracking trial pass with a grading of 'very good'. 

At the presentation Annika was awarded the judges 'tracker of the day', saying that she was incredibly close to an excellent, but had overshot the first turn by about 5 metres but came around and rejoined the track. This overshoot is why it wasn't an excellent grade. 

Thank you to Melissa Sparrow who acted as the tracklayer. Pictured is Melissa with Annika. 



Happy 2nd birthday to the Orical Wish Litter!

18th April 2013



The very special Orical Wish litter celebrated their 2nd birthday today. It is amazing to reflect upon the events of the past two years and the journey that these precious puppies have taken us on. 

We are enternally grateful for the people and events that led us to this litter; Julie Tonning, the original holder of the Orical prefix who bred this litter, Pam Francis from Magpielane who bred the litters sire, Aus Ch Magpielane Call of the Wild, and who greatly assisted in our involvement with this litter and Vanessa Brotto from Articmal who bred the litters dam, Aus Ch Articmal Dynamic Mystery ET. 



Photo credit- Lauren Mills

Photo credit- Lana Theo

Finnish Lapphund Club of NSW vs Finnish Lapphund Club of Victoria Border Challenge

19th-23rd April 2013



It was always going to be an amazing weekend... 3 shows with 40 something Lappies entered at each show... So many fabulous and fun people and gorgeous dogs from the NSW and Victorian Lappie communities.... and a wonderful location at the Albury Wodonga Equestrian Centre. And it certainly didn't disappoint!

A special highlight for Orical Kennels was Saturdays show, where under judge Mr. E. Soti (SA) Mushka was awarded best of breed from 39 entries (excluding neuters), the largest ever breed entry at an all breeds show in Australia. Mushka went on to win best intermediate in the working dog group and then best intermediate in show under judge Mr. G. M. Winch (Qld). Such a special achievement for a dog who only commenced his show career 6 months ago! 

It was a family affair, as Mushka's sister Kiira won best neuter of breed from a very competitive line up of 7 neutered Lappies. And then best neuter in the working dog group! The judge provided some very lovely feedback on Kiira, and said if not neutered she would have been his best bitch. 


The 'Border Challenge' was an initative by the FLCNSW and FLCV, designed to promote the breed and partake in some friendly interstate rivalry. There were so many successes throughout the weekend, with numerous classes in group and show achieved. By far the best part of the weekend was the team spirit demonstrated by all Lappie exhibitors, regardless of which state they resided in. With loud cheers erupting from the Lappie crowd each time a fellow Lappie was awarded a class in group/show. It was also fantastic to see new handlers doing so well in the ring and being so supported by all. We really are all blessed to be a part of this wonderful breed and to have such a lovely Lappie community in Australia. 



Family Reunion at the Sipoo Group Show

28th April 2013



When Merja Koivunen, the owner of Asta's dam and grandmother, mentioned they were attending the Sipoo Group Show, there was no decision to be made, Lana and I knew the Z litter sisters had to attend for a family reunion! Sparsely shown in recent times, it was a wonderful opportunity for Asta to see her dam one last time before departing Finland. 

The family excelled at the show, with the Dagolas breeders group awarded first place with a KP. Asta received yet another grading of excellent (5th excellent grading from five shows attended!) and won junior of breed with a lovely critique from judge Esko Nummijärvi. Asta and Zari were the only non champion bitches to receive gradings of excellent. 

Pictured below; Dagolas Haltiatar (Milla- Asta's dam), Dagolas Ballero (Lines- Asta's grandmother)

Dagolas breeders class: Dagolas Naavaparta, Dagolas Haltiatar, Dagolas Zuloinen and Asta

Dagolas Ballero, Dagolas Haltiatar, Dagolas Zeena, Dagolas Zuloinen, Dagolas Bullero

Photo credits- Lana Theo


European Lappie trip begins!

30th April 2013



When I first calculated the date that Nuppu and Asta could fly to Australia, I thought hmmm if they stayed another week in Finland they could attend the World Dog Show, what a privilege! So, I entered them both and Iilvari and made tentative plans with Lana and Mika to attend with them. As the date loomed closer, Lana and Mika had their own super special things occurring around this time, and I thought once again hmmmm... what if we attended with them! Why not?! And from there the plan grew and grew! 

Today Cameron arrived in Finland where he finally got to meet our girls! And what a welcome he received. It was love at first sight from Nuppu, as we suspected it would be. As Nuppu has formed a close bond with Mika while in Finland, we thought she would quickly become a daddies girl. Nuppu showered Cameron in kisses within seconds of meeting; the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

Asta welcomed Cameron with her usual toy in her mouth with her bottom wiggling and tentative kisses. 

I must say, it is very surreal to see Cameron in photos with the girls! I am very much looking forward to meeting them myself.

Over the next four weeks we have quite the schedule for the four dogs fins

During the ensuing two weeks Cameron is ever so fortunate to be attending a number of shows, visiting Dagolas Kennels and collecting Iilvari and Pimu and meeting some very special people. He will then fly from Helsinki to Budapest, where I will meet him for the World Dog Show and associated shows.

We will then fly to Amsterdam with all four dogs, where the animal transport company is located (so they needed to make their way to Amsterdam anyway). We decided to bring Iilvari and Pimu to Australia a little earlier so we could spend some extra time in Europe with them, show them at some shows and feel more secure with their flight to Australia as we will be on the same plane as them. They will however need to spend some extra time in quarantine. 

While in Amsterdam we will attend a local show and catch up with some Lappie friends. Then a quick day trip to Belgium for another show. Then we will all fly together to Australia!

Never in our wildest dreams did we ever imagine we would be showing our own dogs in Finland, Hungary, Holland and Belgium; and at the World Dog Show... and holidaying with our furry family members in Europe. Definitely a once in a life time opportunity! 

Pictured below: Cameron meeting Nuppu and Asta.

Photo credit- Lana Theo.


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