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DEW & ARne 

Pitter patter of paws incoming...

Our special Pooh Bear (Dew) has been confirmed pregnant to the handsome man Arne. 

Dew is one special girl, from our litter between Kaste and Lapinlumon Elamanilo. Dew embodies so much of her m other Kaste with her sweet and gentle nature but Dew also has a sparky side! She is so fun and playful and loves to rough up her sister Sprinkle and get her playing as well. Dew is one of our dream team sister (Dew and Sprinkle) she comes to all the breed events and is always willing to receive as many pats as possible. 

Arne is our special singleton from Elsa and Expected Patkis. Being an only child that was bottle fed from birth Arne knows he is special and makes sure everyone else knows it as well. With his striking good looks and fun loving personality he is the class clown always looking for all eyes on him.

Page last updated 19 June 2024


Orical Morning Dew (AI)

DOB: 17/12/2019

Hip score: 3/4

Elbow score: 0/0

Eye test: Healthy- 24/03/2021

DNA: PRA carrier

Titles: N/A

Size: 13.5kg

Coat colour: Black and tan

Temperament: Incredibly affectionate, people focused, gentle and kind

MEET arne

Orical Aquilaa (AI)

DOB: 30.7.2022

Hip score: 4/4

Elbow score: 0/0

Eye test: Healthy- 4.4.2024

DNA: PRA clear

Titles: None

Size: 16kg

Coat colour: Brown and tan

Temperament: Joyful, playful, wise

pedigree for litter
dew and arne ped
litter information

Litter date of birth: Expected 12/07/2024

Puppies information: TBA (once litter arrives) 

Meet the puppies day: TBA (once litter arrives) 

Puppy preparation checklist needs to be completed by owners and returned to us by: TBA (once litter arrives) 

Puppy allocation day: TBA (once litter arrives) 

Puppies departure day: TBA (once litter arrives) 

Adoption fee: TBA (once litter arrives) 

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