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Ch Dagolas Ystävä (Imp Fin)

Registration:  FI54318/11
DOB:                 14/9/2011
Sire:                 FIN CH Lecibsin Kastanja 
Dam:                C.I.B NORD CH FI CH SE CH NO CH

                         Dagolas Naavanuttu 
Hip Score:       B/C
Hip Index:       93 (2014)
Elbows:          Not tested
Eyes:              Clear 2015
prcd-PRA:      Clear by parentage

GSD-II:             Normal

COI:                  4.17% (over 8 generations)
Bred by:         Miia Vääräniemi, Dagolas Kennels Finland

Owned by:     Orical Kennels


To say we were excited when Miia from Dagolas Kennels agreed to send Nuppu to Australia would be a tremendous understatement! Nuppu is an absolutely gorgeous Finnish Lapphund, with an equally outstanding pedigree.  Miia had retained Nuppu as the pick of her Y litter. However, at the age of 13 months, Miia made the heart wrenching decision to let her go. With increasing commitments to her equine pursuits and a new business, Miia did not have the time to do her (and Dagolas Zeena) justice in the show ring. This was a very selfless decision on Miia's behalf as she loves these girls greatly and very much misses them. I will never be able to thank Miia enough for making this decision and allowing the girls to come to Australia, to become part of our family. 

Nuppu's sire and dam are a match made in heaven. Such an incredible combination. Her dam is the rather famous 'Risku', Dagolas Naavanuttu, an absolutely outstanding Lapphund bitch with many accolades to her name. Nuppu very much takes after her dam, in looks and temperament, often being referred to by the Finns as the mini Risku. Nuppu's sire is the amazing Lecibsin Kastanja, Kessu. Such outstanding type and has many outstanding offspring. We feel incredibly honoured to have these lines as part of our breeding program. 

Nuppu means 'flower bud' in Finnish and her registered name, Ystävä, means friend. She is an incredibly sweet and loveable girl; very people focused, she can usually be found sitting directly in front of you, 'talking' and wanting to interact. Where ever Nuppu goes she steals hearts, human and canine- once you have met her it is easy to see why.

We greatly enjoyed holidaying with Nuppu (and Asta, Pimu and Iilvari) in Europe in the European Spring of 2013. Nuppu did very well in the show ring and received lovely feedback from judges. 


Nuppu had blockages in her uterus that were discovered at the end of 2013. These have now successfully been treated and removed and we hope to welcome puppies from her in 2016. 


© L. Mills

Ásta Baby Album



Show Career Highlights


  • Netherlands Lapphund Club Specialty 16.3.2013- Judge: Saara Sampakoski (Breed Specialist- Finland). Excellent grading. 2nd in intermediate class. 55 entries. 

  • Sipoo Group Show (Finland) 21.4.2013- Judge Tuula Savolainen. Excellent grading, 1st in class. 32 entries. 

  • Lahti Group Show (Finland)  1.5.2013- Judge Eeva Resko. Very good grading, 1st in class. 20 entries. 

  • Kajaani Group Show (Finland) 5.5.2013- Judge Irina Poletaeva. Very good grading. 2nd in class. 22 entries. *

  • Helsinki (Finland) 9.5.2013- Judge Elina Haapaniemi. Very good grading. 1st in class. 22 entries. *

  • Group Show Pöytyä (Finland) 11.5.2013- Judge Esa Ruotsalainen. Very good grading. 3rd in class.  26 entries. *

  • International Dog Show 11.5.2013, Helsinki (Tuomarinkartanon vinttikoirarata). Judge Saija Juutilainen. Very good grading, 2nd in class. 22 entries. *

  • Budapest Grand Prix CACIB Show, Budapest, Hungary 15.5.2013. . Judge Ligita Zake. Excellent grading. 1st in class. 2nd best bitch. CAC, Reserve CACIB. (no critique provided).

  • World Dog Show, Budapest, Hungary 16.5.2013. . Judge Marja Talvitie (Finland). Very good grading. Intermediate class not placed as no dogs received a grading of excellent. (no critique provided).

  • World Club Show for Sledding Breeds. Budapest, Hungary. 17.5.2013. Judge Mr. Leif-Herman Wilberg (N)Excellent grading. 1st in class. CAC. 

  • Pinksters Show, Arnhem Netherlands. 18.5.2013. Judge W. Roem (Netherlands). Excellent grading. 1st in class. 

  • KVN Show, Wieze Belgium. 19.5.2013. Judge Weijenborg-Weggemans Elly (Netherlands). Excellent grading. 1st in class. 2nd best bitch. Reserve CAC. (no critique provided)

*Am looking for critique/need translated. 

Nuppu's Baby Album

Nuppu's 2012 Album

Nuppu's 2013 Album

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