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JWW-13 Ch Dagolas Zeena TD (Imp Fin)

Registration:  FI24951/12

DOB:                11/3/2012
Sire:                 FIN & EE CH Lumiturpa Lapinyö
Dam:                FIN CH Dagolas Haltiatar
Hip Score:      B/B
Hip Index:      Unknown
Elbows:          0/0
Eyes:              Clear 2015
prcd-PRA:      Carrier

GSD-II:             Normal

COI:                  4.31% (over 8 generations)
Bred by:         Miia Vääräniemi, Dagolas Kennels Finland

Owned by:     Orical Kennels

Ásta is an outstanding girl from amazing Finnish lines, it was a great privilege to bring a girl of such quality to Australia. 

Her dam is the gorgeous Dagolas Haltiatar, number 2 female Finnish Lapphund in Finland for 2011 and best bitch at the Lapphund Specialty in Spring 2011, no easy feat with 143 entries! And her sire the stunning Lumiturpa Lapinyö.  Her breeder had retained Ásta as the pick of their Z litter. However, at the age of 8 months they made the heart wrenching decision to let her go. With increasing commitments to her equine pursuits and a new business, they did not have the time to do her (and Dagolas Ystävä) justice in the show ring. This was a very selfless decision on Miia's behalf as she loves these girls greatly and very much misses them. I will never be able to thank Miia enough for making this decision and allowing the girls to come to Australia, to become part of our family.

Ásta has a cheeky temperament; at times serious, at times playing with a wild glint in her eye. She is also scarily smart and keeps people on their toes through her love of opening doors (see video at bottom of page). Her face and eyes are so expressive and show her joy for life. 

We feel very fortunate to be entrusted with such an amazing girl. We cannot thank her breeder, Miia Vääräniemi of Dagolas Kennels in Finland, enough for allowing her to come to Australia. 

While waiting to come to Australia, Ásta was lovingly cared for in Finland by our friends the Heikkilä family and was shown by our dear friends, Lana Theo and Mika Laakso. 

I joined Asta (and Iilvari, Pimu and Nuppu) in Europe in the European Spring of 2013, to get to know them before their move to Australia and to show them throughout Europe. Asta in particular achieved some absolutely amazing results and received outstanding feedback from judges. 

Within a few short months of her arrival in Australia, Asta was competing in tracking trials like a seasoned professional; absolutely amazing for the limited training she had. She passed track 1 to 5 with ease, and now has track 6 to 8 to pass to achieve her tracking championship. Along with our Annika, she is the only Lapphund in Australia to progress this far in the tracking arena. We are very proud of our girl who has beauty and brains!


We are hoping to welcome puppies from Asta in early 2016. 




© Jonna Almenäs


Show Career Highlights

  • Netherlands Lapphund Club Specialty 16/3/2013- Judge: Saara Sampakoski (Breed Specialist- Finland). Excellent grading. Junior in Show. Only junior to receive a grading of excellent. Short listed in a group of 4 for best bitch. 55 entries in show. 

  • Lapphund Club of Finland Specialty 24/3/2013- Judge Maija Mäkinen (Finland). Excellent grading, (SA) Champion Quality. 4th in class. 147 entries in show. 

  • Vaasa International Show (Finland) 12/4/2013- Judge Eeva Resko. Excellent grading, 1st in class. 29 entries.  

  • Sipoo Group Show (Finland) 21/4/2013- Judge Tuula Savolainen. Excellent grading. 4th in class. 32 entries. 

  • Kiuruvesi Group Show (Finland) 27/4/2013- Judge Esko Nummijärvi. Excellent grading. 1st in Junior class. And part of Dagolas breeders group- 1st place with KP. 

  • Lahti Group Show (Finland)  1/5/2013- Judge Eeva Resko. Excellent grading, 2nd in class. 20 entries. 

  • Oulainen dog show (Finland) 4/5/2013- Judge Hannu Talvi. Excellent grading. 22 entries. 

  • Kajaani Group Show (Finland) 5/5/2013- Judge Irina Poletaeva. Excellent grading. 2nd in class. 22 entries. 

  • Helsinki Show (Finland) 9/5/2013- Judge Elina Haapaniemi. Excellent grading, SA, best opposite sex of breed, CAC. 22 entries. 

  • Pöytyä Group Show (Finland) 11/5/2013- Judge Esa Ruotsalainen. Excellent grading, SA, 1st in junior class, 3rd best bitch, reserve CAC. 26 entries. *

  • International Dog Show 11.5.2013, Helsinki (Tuomarinkartanon vinttikoirarata). Judge Saija Juutilainen. Excellent grading. SA. 1st in class. 2nd best bitch. CAC. *

  • Budapest Grand Prix CACIB Show, Budapest, Hungary 15.5.2013. . Judge Ligita Zake. Excellent grading. 2nd in class. (no critique provided).

  • World Dog Show, Budapest, Hungary 16.5.2013. . Judge Marja Talvitie (Finland). Excellent grading. 1st in class- JUNIOR WORLD WINNER. (no critique provided).

  • World Club Show for Sledding Breeds. Budapest, Hungary. 17.5.2013. Judge Mr. Leif-Herman Wilberg (N). Excellent grading. 1st in class. Hungarian Prime Junior title obtained. (Juniors weren't eligible to compete for best dog/bitch/breed).

  • Pinksters Show, Arnhem Netherlands. 18.5.2013. Judge W. Roem (Netherlands). Very good grading.1st in class. 

  • KVN Show, Wieze Belgium. 19.5.2013. Judge Weijenborg-Weggemans Elly (Netherlands). Excellent grading. 1st in class. (Juniors weren't eligible to compete for best dog/bitch/breed) (no critique provided).

  • Warners Bay Dog Sports Club Show 28.6.2013. Judge- Mr C. Woodrow (Qld). Junior in Group.

  • Dubbo & District Kennel Club Show 4.9.2013. Judge- Ms. L. Buchana (Qld). Junior in Group.

*Am looking for critique/need translated.


Ásta Baby Album

Ásta 2012 Album

Ásta 2013 Album

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