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Blog- December 2012

© L. Mills

Australian Champion Orical Phantom Wish 

9th December 2012



Mushka gained the final points for his Australian Championship title today. Mushka has had a lovely introduction to the show ring, picking up some nice best of breed wins along the way, but most importantly has improved out of sight with his confidence in the ring. This is a dog who 2.5 months ago was a much loved pet in rural Victoria. Showing has been a wonderful socialisation experience and his confidence and thus showmanship increased at each and every show. 

We are very proud of Mushka's achievements thus far and look forward to seeing what the future holds for him. 


Neuter Champion Orical Secret Wish

16th December 2012



Kiira gained the remaining points for her Neuter Championship today; a huge congratulations to her owners, Melissa, Bryan, Lauren and Aleisha!

Kiira had some lovely achievements along the way, including four neuter in groups, a second place in the FLCV Open Show neuter sweepstakes (4 entered) and is presently number 1 on the Dogz Online pointscore for neutered Finnish Lapphunds. 


© M. Sparrow

Christmas Show 2012

22nd December 2012



What an amazing show and Christmas party! 1,542 entries, 296 in the working dog group (!!!), Santa visiting on a sled pulled by racing sibes, gazeboes decorated appropriately for Christmas, music, friends, fabulous food; it was a wonderful evening indeed!

It was particularly special to see the show ring debut of four babies from the Snofyre Alluring litter and to see a total of 5 baby puppies in the breed judging!

Thank you to all of the Lappie folk who attended, it was a fabulous end of year party.

And congratulations to the FLCNSW crew for placing third in the best dressed gazebo competition!

Gallery here. 


© L. Mills

© L. Mills

Mushka officially joins the family

25th December 2012



Officially I don't believe in fate, but sometimes I feel certain events attempt to challenge my beliefs. The events surrounding the Orical Wish litter (bred by Julie Tonning), and the eventual outcome of all puppies and parents fall into this category. One segment of this, is Mushka, Aus Ch Orical Phantom Wish

We first met Mushka as a three week old baby. Even then he had such character. There were two boys in the litter, who were later named Mushka and Kio. Pamela Francis from Magpielane Kennels was to have first pick from the boys. Pam had recently lost her beloved Jaska and this litter are his grandchildren. Both boys were lovely puppies, but eventually Pam decided upon Mushka. 

Often I would ask Pam about Mushka and ask for photos of Annika's gorgeous brother. As luck (fate?) would have it, we were fortunate to get to know their sibling Kiira, dam Eamid and sire Levi, throughout 2011 and 2012 as Julie minimised her kennel and they holidayed with us. And we were especially fortunate that their new owners/breeders they were returning to, allowed us to show them, thus getting to know them even better. 

Once Levi (Aus Ch Magpielane Call of the Wild) had achieved his Australian Championship title it was time to return him to Pam. We combined the trip to Victoria with exhibiting at Melbourne Royal, which was great. The next day, Pam came to collect Levi and as a spur of the moment idea she brought Mushka for a visit. As he came through the door being carried by Pam my jaw dropped and I think my heart skipped a beat! In Pam's arms he looked like a bear cub! At that time he was 17 months of age and such an amazing representation of the breed. An absolutely lovely head, tiny ears, such dark and expressive eyes, a lovely compact body, a lovely size and such an amazing natural stand! 

I then proceeded to beg Pam for the entire day to allow Mushka to come on a showing holiday. Poor Pam. She did say no many, many times. I'm so thankful by the end of the day we had a yes!

Pam left with Levi and Mushka with us. I was extremely surprised with the 'love at first sight' that Mushka and I experienced. We had minded 7 dogs throughout the year for one month or more, and each of them, whilst loved, we didn't have any negative emotions regarding saying good bye to them at the end of their holiday. I tried my best not to, but alas, we did indeed fall in love with each other.

During the ensuing months Mushka had many new experiences. Remembering he had been living the life of a much loved pet in beautiful rural Victoria. Showing, days in my office, trips to the beach, attending obedience classes, even being in the car, were all new. He handled his new experiences well and his confidence kept increasing (and continues to). 

He fit into our family wonderfully. Even Amber, our German Spitz who thinks she is a person and thus doesn't interact with dogs, is very fond of him. She cleans his eyes and ears each morning and has been seen to initiate moments of play with him.

After 3 months with us, Pam gave us the most spectacular Christmas present- we could keep Mushka! This was a very difficult decision for Pam, as he was such a special boy for her too. We tremendously appreciate the sacrifice she made, in order for Mushka to continue to live with us. 

We look forward to a wonderful future with this beloved boy. 



Reflecting on 2012

26th December 2012



What an action packed year! This year we immensely enjoyed showing our and others dogs. In total, we attended 115 shows; this figure seems crazy to write, however I must stress it never seemed like a chore as we very much enjoy attending shows and value the learnings that derive from each showing experience. 

We assisted the following dogs to gain titles-

And throughout the year we succeeded in establishing a great base for our future breeding with our Dagolas girls on their way from Finland and high quality imported semen

This year has been a fabulous learning experience for us; we greatly thank everyone who has assisted and supported us throughout the year. A very special thank you to Vanessa Brotto of Articmal Kennels, Pamela Francis of Magpielane Kennels and Miia Vääräniemi from Dagolas Kennels in Finland for acting as wonderful mentors. 

Our plan for 2013 is to focus on other dog sports solely (excluding the FLCNSW pointscore shows) until Nuppu and Asta finally join us beginning of June. 

Here's hoping for another fantastic year for Orical Kennels in 2013! 



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