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Harper litter

Harper and Arne are both first time paw-rents, with both hailing from quality lines that we have imported over the years from Finland. 

Harper has her mother Sprinkle's teddy bear head, and calm, sensible nature. 

Arne is a bear of a boy, in looks and personality!

We are excited to meet Harper and Arne's babies.

important dates

Litter Status: Pending ultrasound to confirm pregnancy

Current expected litter arrival date: Early June 2024

Waiting list status: The waiting list for this litter is currently open. 

MEET harper

Orical Immortal Kiss (AI)

DOB: 18.10.2022

Hip score: 5/5

Elbow score: 0/0

Eye test: Healthy- 4.4.2024

DNA: PRA carrier

Titles: N/A

Size: 12kg

Coat colour: Black and tan

Temperament: Easy going, relaxed, sensible, affectionate

MEET arne

Orical Aquilaa

DOB: 30.7.2022

Hip score: 4/4

Elbow score: 0/0

Eye test: Healthy- 4.4.2024

DNA: PRA clear

Titles: None

Size: 17kg

Coat colour: Brown and tan

Temperament: Joyful, playful, wise

pedigree for litter
Screen Shot 2024-04-18 at 8.16.36 pm.png
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