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C.I.B FIN MVA DK MVA HU MVA PMV-09 HeW-10 HeW-11 V-12 HeVW-12 VV-12 BEV-08 MV-11 MV-13 Lecibsin Macce

Orical owns frozen semen from Lecibsin Macce; imported from Finland for future use in our breeding program.

Registration:    FIN23792/04
DOB:                   28/3/2004
Hip Score:         C/C

Hip Index:         94 (2012)
Elbows:             0/0
Eyes:                Clear (2/3/2012)
prcd-PRA:        Carrier

COI:                    3.86% (over 8 generations)
Owned By:       Taina Miettinen & Ari Friman 

                           Peikkovuoren Kennel, Finland



C.I.B Champion International de Beauté       - achieved   28.7.2010

FIN CH Finnish Show Champion                     - achieved 17.9.2007
DK CH Danish Show Champion                      - achieved 23.5.2008

HU CH Hungarian Show Champion               - achieved 16.5.2013
NORDW-09 Nordic Winner                              - achieved 13.12.2009
HeW-10 Helsinki Winner                                 - achieved 11.12.2010
HeW-11 Helsinki Winner 2011                       - achieved 3.12.2011
FIW-12 Finnish Winner 2012                         - achieved 9.12.2012
HeVW-12 Helsinki Veteran Winner 2012      - achieved 8.12.2012

FIVW-12 Finnish Veteran Winner 2012        - achieved 9.12.12
BEV-08 Belgian voittaja 2008                          - achieved 21.6.2008
WW-11 World Winner, France                        - achieved 10.7.2011

WW-13 World Winner Hungary                     - achieved 16.5.2013




Video footage of Macce at the Helsinki Winner 2011 where he was best of breed (71 entries, judge- Carin Åkesson)

Thank you to Petri Hallberg for recording and providing permission to Orical Kennels to edit and publish on our site.

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