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Long Live Dream Alaska


Orical owns frozen semen from Long Live Dream Alaska, imported from Germany for future use in our breeding program.

Registration:          LK 00018/09
DOB:                         15/7/2009
Hip score:               A/A

Hip index:               unknown
Eyes:                       PPM (2014)
prcd-PRA:               Carrier

COI:                           Unknown
Owned By:              
Janet Scheidig (Germany)



When searching for suitable boys to collect and import semen from, it's always a balancing act between gaining unique lines and obtaining the breed type I wish to use in my breeding program. When I came across 'Long Live Dream Alaska', in 2013, both boxes were ticked. He is a gorgeous wolf sable boy with a stunning head and lovely compact body. His coat and esecially mane are majestic and his love of life visable in all of his photos. 


His owner, Janet was incredibly helpful and we cannot thank her enough for allowing us to have Mika's semen as part of our breeding program. 


Since then, a good friend in the UK has also used Mika at stud. Even though the litter was very small with only one puppy produced, he has his fathers stunning head and is very promising for his age. Another breeder from the UK visited Mika and Janet in Germany for stud duties in 2015. She commented that he has the best temperanent of any Finnish Lapphund she has ever met- quite the compliment! 


We look forward to welcoming puppies from Mika in the future. 




+ Pedigree coming soon (need Publisher on my laptop again!)

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