Lumiturpa Eemeli



Registration:         FIN28692/05
DOB:                        25/4/2005
Hip score:              A/A

Hip index:               97 (2012)
Eyes:                       Clear (23/6/11)
prcd-PRA:               Carrier

COI:                           1.86% (over 8 generations)
Owned By:              Miia Vääräniemi,

                                  Dagolas Kennels, Finland



FIN CH- Finnish Champion- achieved 8/5/2008

Show Career Highlights

Group Show 29.1.2011, Raahe- Judge Teuvo Kangas. 2nd best male. 21 entries. 

International Dog Show 22.1.2011, Turku- Judge Göran Bodegård. 3rd best male. 48 entries. 

Group Show 18.4.2009, Kajaani- Judge Jorgen Hindse. Best of breed. 20 entries. 

Lapphund Club of Finland Specialty Show 22.3.2009, Kuopio- Judge Mattila Paavo. 3rd best male. 139 entries. 

Group Show 7.2.2009, Keuruu- Judge Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari. Best opposite. 36 entries.

Group Show 31.1.2009, Raahe- Judge Katja Korhonen. 2nd best male. 24 entries. 

International Dog Show 10.1.2009, Kajaani- Judge Ligita Zake. Best of breed. 59 entries.

Lapphund Club of Finland Specialty19.7.2008, Utajärvi (Rokua)- Judge Raimo M. Viljanmaa. 2nd best male. 63 entries. 

National Dog Show 13.7.2008, Oulu- Judge Raimo M. Viljanmaa. Best of breed. 14 entries. 

International Dog Show 12.7.2008, Oulu- Judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen. Best opposite. 28 entries.

Group Show 7.6.2008, Raahe (Saloinen)- Judge Poti Sakari. Best of breed.17 entries. 

Group Show 25.5.2008, Kestilä- Judge Jukka Kuusisto (of Lecibsin Kennels). Best of breed. 23 entries. 

Group Show 4.5.2008, Viitasaari- Judge Jaana Hartus. Best of breed. 18 entries. 

Group Show 26.4.2008, Sodankylä- Judge Matti Palojarvi. Best of breed. 22 entries. 

Lapphund Club of Finland Specialty 22.10.2006, Kalajoki- Judge Saija Juutilainen. 3rd best male. 58 entries, 


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