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Blog- March 2013

Photo credit- Jonna Almenäs

Lapphund Club of Norway Specialty 

12th March 2013



Nuppu and Asta had a little adventure this week, visiting Norway and our dear friend Jonna Almenäs for the Norsk Lapphund Klubbs (Norwegian Lapphund Clubs) specialty. Whilst attending a show in another country is a daunting and expensive prospect for Australians, theoretically it is relatively simple within Europe. 

The girls had a vet visit to administer tapeworm treatment, obtained a vet clearance stating they were fit and healthy to fly, and on Friday, off they went on their 1 hour 15 minute flight! (Good practise for when they fly to Australia). There were some interesting hurdles along the way, but thanks to a great team effort we were successful. 



The show was held on Saturday in Kongsberg. The judge was Eivind Mjærum (Norway). With 71 Finnish Lapphunds entered there were plenty of people and dogs for the girls to meet. In particular, it was very special for them to meet Asta's litter sister Maja (Dagolas Zirbula) and half brother Max (Dagolas Qultapoju).  

This was Nuppu and Asta's very first show and were handled by our dear friend Jonna Almenäs. The girls weren't the judges type, however they received some lovely critiques and enjoyed their first show experience. 

Asta's critique:

Excellent type, well built junior 1 year old. Beautiful profile, good proportions, feminine. Strong bone, good body, good movements, very good coat.

Nuppu's critique

Very good type, good proportions, well built but for me too short legs. Apart from that, very harmonic, good bite. Excellent coat. Moves well.

Dagolas breeders group critique-

A great group with 4 very good dogs of high quality. The dogs are very even in type. Good similar bodies and expressions.


My gratitude to some special people who assisted with this trip- Jenni and Juha Heikkilä, Anna Mykkänen and Mika Laakso preparing the girls for travel and Jonna Almenäs collecting the girls from the airport, caring for them and showing them. I cannot thank 'Team Nuppu & Asta' enough for all of their efforts that combined together enabled this show holiday to happen.

Photos here. 



Photo credit- Lana Theo

Finnish Lapphund Club of Netherlands Specialty 

16th March 2013



When I was planning the shows Nuppu and Asta would attend while living in Finland, I very much focused on the shows where a breed specialist was judging. There is only a handful of experienced Finnish Lapphund Breed Specialist judges; and I very much wanted their opinion of Nuppu and Asta. 

One such breed specialist who was high on my priority list was Saara Sampakoski. Saara is a very experienced breeder of Finnish Lapphunds having bred 53 litters under the Shacal prefix since 1988. Greatly respected as a judge by Finnish Lapphund exhibitors in Finland, she has judged numerous breed specialties and is scheduled to judge Finnish Lapphund males, brace class, breeders groups and best of breed at the World Dog Show in Finland in 2014.

Saara also is a great educator for the breed within Europe; regularly delivering breed lectures to aspiring judges, exhibitors and breeders. 

Unfortunately Saara was not scheduled to judge within Finland prior to the girls departure. However, she was judging at the 'Finse Lappenhond Vereniging Nederland' (Finnish Lapphund Club of Netherlands) specialty. Where there is a will, there is a way.... With a great team effort from Mika Laakso, Lana Theo and Jonna Almenäs and after a few interesting hurdles along the way, we made it happen!

The show was held at Zaltbommel, an hour south east of Amsterdam. There were 55 entries. The show took a good 8 hours from start to end, with Saara providing very detailed critiques and explaining to all throughout the show why each dog was given the grading they received. Lana noted that the whole day was like a hands-on lecture. The feedback from the day included that Saara was very discerning and gave out very few excellent gradings. 



I am thrilled to say Asta received the only 'Excellent' grading given to the puppy and junior classes- and was awarded JUNIOR IN SHOW! She was also short listed in a group of 4 for best bitch. She received a very lovely and thorough critique:

1 year old female of excellent type. Lovely head and expression. Lovely dark eyes. Well placed hairy ears. Good chest, good bone for her size. Stands well on her feet. Enough angulation in the rear, could be better in front with a straight upperarm. Good coat with feathering. Excellent movement, typical movement when coming towards you.

Nuppu received an 'Excellent' grading and was awarded second place in a large intermediate class. Nuppu's critique:

1.5 years old. Very pretty female, excellent type. Excellent expression and head, lovely dark eyes. Well placed hairy ears. Good proportions, good chest. Stands well on her legs. Good angulations, front could be a bit more pronounced in angulations. Excellent coat and feathering. Excellent movement.

The girls did such a good job for their second show, especially Nuppu who is very much out of coat.

I am very proud of the girls results and so happy the girls got the opportunity to go under Saara prior to leaving Europe. Once again, there are many people in Team Nuppu and Asta to thank. Mika Laakso, Lana Theo for travelling to Norway to collect the girls and then take them to the Netherlands. Jonna Almenäs for taking good care of the girls for the past week and greatly assisting when we hit an interesting hurdle getting them to the Netherlands! And Kati Pietilainen and Hans Wieten for their kind hospitality in Holland. 

Photos here



Photo credit- Lana Theo

The Lapphund Club of Finland (Lappalaiskoirat Ry) Specialty 

24th March 2013



What a privilege for Nuppu and Asta to attend a specialty held in the breeds native country. There were 225 exhibits entered, from this, 146 were Finnish Lapphunds.  Maija Mäkinen (Finland)  judged the 75 bitches. 

Asta received a grading of excellent and placed 4th in a very large junior class. Asta's critique was:



One year old, good sized female, with typical posture for the breed and correct proportions. Good female head, good small ears. Good eyes and bite. Strong neck, big broad frame. Balanced angulation. Good bone structure and paws. Carries tail proudly while moving. Side movement is very good. Good quality of coat. Lovely demeanour. Behaviour and character typical for the breed.

Unfortunately Nuppu didn't make it into the ring.

It was lovely to see Peikkovuoren Vahca receive best in show. Sometime in the future we look forward to welcoming puppies from this gorgeous boy. 

Breed specialist Eija Lehtimäki from Orso Farm Kennels, Finland was judging Lapponian Herders at the specialty. I contacted Ms Lehtimäki prior and she kindly agreed to meet Nuppu and Asta and provide me with a short informal critique. Her critique was: 

They are both nice. Have good head and good body, nice angulation and good coat quality. Sweet puppies. 

A huge thank you to Lana and Mika for travelling the 11 hour round trip to the specialty, Mika for his wonderful handling and Lana for the amazing photos.

Photos here




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