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Blog- November 2012

© L. Mills

Goulburn Dog Training & Kennel Club All Breeds Championship Show

2nd-3rd November 2012



Friday 2nd November 2012

Judge: Mrs K. Eldred (NSW)

Best of breed: Mushka

Runner up best of breed: Veikko

Reserve dog: Paddington

Reserve bitch: Enkeli

Baby puppy of breed: Titan

Neuter of breed: Mischa

Saturday 3rd November 2012

Judge: Miss M. Hoy (NSW)
Best of breed: Enkeli
Runner up best of breed: Paddington
Reserve dog: Mushka
Reserve bitch: Veikko
Baby puppy of breed: Titan
Neuter of breed: Mischa


Far South East Coast Kennel Club All Breeds Championship Show

9th November 2012



Judge: Mrs J. Campbell (Vic)

Best of breed: Mushka

Runner up best of breed: Enkeli


© L. Mills

© L. Mills

Orange & District Kennel Club

10th and 11th November 2012


Saturday 10th November 2012

Judge: Miss J. McDonald (Vic)
Best of breed: Mushka
Runner up best of breed: Enkeli


Sunday 11th November 2012

Judge: Ms J. Ford (NSW)
Best of breed: Mushka
Runner up best of breed: Enkeli



© L. Mills

Buladelah Show Society

Saturday 17th November 2012



Today's show marks the one year anniversary of Cameron's handling career. One year ago Cameron decided he would try handling. He walked out of ring from puppy sweeps cursing and saying that after that day he would never handle again.... little did he know how his life would change in the ensuing year!

Later in the day he handled in breed and then was roped into participating in 'Gentleman Handlers', where he was awarded 2nd place.... out of two handlers! At least he received a lovely fringie for his efforts.

At the end of the day, Cameron was less disgruntled, but alas, still certain his handling career was over. Little did he know that at the next show I would seriously injure my foot, putting myself out of the ring for some time. With two dogs to handle that day and many more shows entered, Cameron stepped in. And the rest is history. Mentored by Chrissy Fitzgerald of Snofyre Kennels, Cameron developed into a super star gentleman handler. I am dizzy just thinking about how many times Cameron has run around a ring in the past year!

So, we have been looking forward to the show where it all began. In addition, Buladelah is a lovely little agricultural show in beautiful surroundings. We managed to be the largest breed in attendance for the working dog group, with 15 Lappies entered!

For the gallery and results see here. 


Campbelltown and Districts all Breeds Kennel Club

Sunday 18th November 2012



Today's shows were two shows running at the same time, the second in reverse breed order.  Results were as follows-

Reverse show:

Judge- Mr M. Johnston (NSW)

Bob- Mushka
Ru- Enkeli
Reserve bitch- Veikko
Minor Puppy- Alaska

Normal forward show

Judge- Mrs L. Brandt
Bob- Veikko
Ru- Mushka
Reserve bitch- Enkeli
Minor puppy- Alaska


Annika commences training for sledding

12th November 2012

Cameron has been wanting to train Annika for sledding for some time. Certainly not a sport for every Lappie, and one to take great care with; but Annika has displayed numerous traits suggesting she may enjoy sledding. When training her parents for the Endurance Test, Cameron started to take Annika along on the rides. Wow did she enjoy it! She would gleefully yip in excitement as they ran along, Annika setting the speed for her parents. She absolutely loves running and also enjoys pulling. So, Cameron thought they might give sledding a try. 

We visited the Hunter Valley Mushers club last month to learn more about this sport. They were incredibly welcoming, provided thorough information on how to commence training and fitted Annika with a racing harness. We got to have a ride on a sled, with a team of 7 or so huskies pulling the cart around a track a few kilometres in distance. Wow what an experience! Such amazing team work and something the dogs obviously take great pleasure in.

This week Cameron and Annika commenced training, by getting her to become comfortable with pulling a weight as she runs. The weight in this clip is 10kg. 

Can you believe after this session she came home and continued to run around the back yard at full speed!

We are taking this sport slowly and with caution. Also with the expectation that if she does ever race she'll be at the end of the pack- but she'll sure have fun in doing it!






© L. Mills

© L. Mills

Dalwood Children's Home Champ Show

Friday, Saturday, Sunday 23rd-25th November 2012


BOB- Mushka

RU- Enkeli

Reserve bitch- Alaska


BOB- Mushka
RU- Enkeli
Reserve bitch- Vienna

Minor of breed- Alaska


BOB- Mushka

RU- Enkeli

We then all had a fun afternoon at the beach! 





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