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Aus Ch Orical Mystery Wish TD ET

DOB:               18/4/2011
Sire:                Aust Ch Magpielane Call of the Wild
Dam:               Aust Ch Articmal Dynamic Mystery ET
Hip Score:      TBA
Elbows:          TBA
Eyes:              Clear 2015
prcd-PRA:      Carrier

GSD-II:             Normal
Bred by:        Julie Tonning

Owned by:    Orical Kennels

Annika is our gorgeous spirited girl; so full of enthusiasm and possessing such a love of life. She demonstrates the perfect Lapphund temperament. She loves working, but she is also very comfortable quietly resting for considerable lengths of time. This is the Lapphund 'off switch' that they are known for.

She adores playing with other dogs, particularly Lapphunds and is rather astute to the temperaments of other dogs- often enticing shyer dogs to play and calming dogs who may not interact so well with other dogs. Cameron calls her the 'peacekeeper'; she appears to recognise the very early stages that may lead to an altercation between two dogs and she will work very hard to stop it. 

She is also particularly fond of children, often we will find the lead being pulled in the direction of a young child, where she will then sit, gaze and await a pat, resulting in a calm swish of her tail.

Annika commenced in the show ring at 7 months of age, and achieved her Australian Championship title by 11 months of age, with some great successes along the way. Annika has now retired from the show ring and training in other sports.

We feel very special to have a recent 'Sami Dog' in Annika's pedigree. Her great great grandmother, Gieris, came directly from the Sami people in 1992. Gieris had a very special temperament and this has been selectively passed down through her line. In reading descriptions of Gieris I am very much reminded of Annika. To quote one such description written by Gieris owner, Winnie Holmström:

"What is remarkable, is just her way of being, to convey herself, her steady psyche, this remarkable calm, a worthy “wondering” calm. She is lovable and good-natured, with an almost childish kindness and affection and is still very playful."

This description perfectly describes Annika and I find myself admiring this attribute often. It is lovely to think that special part of Gieris, all the way from Lapland, is here with us today.


© L. Mills


Show Career Highlights

  • Bulahdelah Show Society 17/11/2012- Reserve bitch. 15 entries. 
  • Dogs NSW PR Committee Christmas Show 22/12/2012- Reserve bitch. 18 entries. 
  • Wingham Show Society 10/3/2013- Judge Mr E. Pickering (NSW). Reserve bitch. 12 entries. 
  • Stroud Show Association 6/4/2013- Judge Mrs J. Bray (NSW). Reserve bitch and Intermediate of Breed. 12 entries. 

Sports Highlights

  • Herding Instict Test- pass 2012

  • The Tracking Club of Victoria- Tracking Trial 13th April 2013
    Judge- Mrs J. Pillinger
    Test 1- Qualified with a grading of very good and received the judges 'tracker of the day'.                                 Judges feedback of her tracking style- Very methodical, extremely calm and relaxed.  

  • The German Shepherd Club of Victoria- Tracking Trial 9th June 2013
    Judge- Ute May
    Test 2- Qualified with grading of very good.                                                                                                                    Judges feedback of her tracking style- Really worked the track, methodical. 

  • Gippsland Obedience Dog Club- Rally Obedience Trial 10th June 2013
    Judge- Mr. R. Carlson
    Novice pass- score of 86.    

  • Bendigo Obedience Club Tracking Trial- 15th June 2013, Loddon Hall Vic.

   Judge- Robert Tester   

   Test 3 passed

  • Dogs ACT 2013 Endurance Test- Sunday 23rd June 2013
    Mitchell, ACT. Judge- Helen Mosslar   

  • Tracking trials test 4 and 5 passed in 2013



Annika 2011

Annika 2012 Album

Annika 2013 Album

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