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Puppy Yoga Sydney

You heard that right... Puppies... and Yoga!!

Who better to teach you downward dog than a puppy right!?

Puppy Yoga is a business created by their founder to bring together a passion for promoting wellness and love for animals.

Dogs support us through so much in life why shouldn't they support us in improving our physical and mental health as well?

The founder of Puppy Yoga reached out to us after being long time admirers of our breeding and Finnish Lapphunds in general.

We made a plan to collaborate and bring together peoples love of yoga and hopefully introduce some new people to the breed in the process.

We saw this as an incredible opportunity for some great socialisation for the puppies and we were lucky enough to have 2 litter of similar age that we could send together!

With Teddy and Glitter syncing up and giving birth so close together it was amazing to have 12 puppies in total that we could take on this experience.

On Saturday and Sunday we travelled into Bondi where the classes where held and the puppies had an absolute ball!! Meeting so many new people in the various classes over the weekend and making everyone laugh and smile with their Lappie antics.

After a long day of entertaining the puppies were exhausted and content. It was amazing to see all of the puppies take everything in their stride, a long car ride followed by a whirlwind of excitement and new things.

Thanks to our Super Puppy Program and all of the work we put into the puppies from when they are first born right up until they go home, new experiences don’t worry our puppies… it excites them!


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