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Shacal Renki-Poika

Orical owns frozen semen from Shacal Renki-Poika; imported from Finland for future use in our breeding program.

Registration:      FI52758/09
DOB:                     21/8/2009
Hip Score:           A/A

Hip Index:           108 (2012)
Elbows:               0/0
Eyes:                   Clear (2010, 2012)
prcd-PRA:           Carrier

COI:                       4.02% (over 8 generations)
Owned By:          Saara Sampakoski    

                              Shacal Kennels, Finland           


Show Career Highlights

Group Show 16.4.2011, Kauhava- Judge Eija Lehtimäki (Breed specialist). Best opposite. 25 entries. 

Group Show 6.6.2010, Karttula- Judge Reino Korpela. 2nd best male. 23 entries. 


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