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Tracking Club of Victoria Workshop

Having first attended this workshop in 2012 I was greatly looking forward to attending once again. It was the inital workshop that provided the training and encouragement which started our journey in training and competing in tracking. The knowledge and passion of the Victorian tracking fraternity is simply amazing, coupled with their warm and friendly club culture, it's easy to see why this sport is thriving in Victoria.

We took our experienced tracking dogs Asta and Annika, and were joined by Melissa with newbie Iilvari. We were put into a group by ourselves (Team Lappie!) with three dedicated instructors providing their expertise. For Asta and Annika who hadn't tracked for over a year, apparently it was like riding a bike, picking up almost where they had left off. Our instructors had an innovative way for starting dogs tracking that I hadn't previously used; Iilvari started using this method to much success and very quickly he was tracking like a dog who hsd been training for months.

The club also held a number of seminars on commencing tracking, how to enter trials and how to be a tracklayer. We left the weekend with many great ideas to intergrate into our training at home.

A huge thank you to the Tracking Club of Victoria and it's volunteers for hosting this fantastic weekend.

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