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are you ready for a puppy

Puppies are hard work. They require your time, patience, support and guidance. You will need to actively provide ongoing training to your puppy to shape them into a good canine citizen.


The first twelve months especially will require your time and patience. The time that you put in during their first years of life will set up your puppy for life. 

Before welcoming a puppy, consider the work that you will need to be put into raising your puppy:

  • Do you have sufficient time to spend with your Lappie?


  • Are you prepared to brush your Lappie weekly for 30 minutes?


  • Are you prepared to trim their nails at least fortnightly?


  • Do you have the financial means to purchase quality dog food, pay for vaccinations, worming medication and emergency vet fees?

  • Do you have secure fencing in your yard?


  • Are you prepared to learn about how to raise a puppy?

  • Are you prepared to take your puppy to puppy classes at your local vet (generally runs for 4 weeks)

  • Are you prepared to take your puppy to local dog training classes, once a week for 1 hour sessions, for at least the first year of their life?


  • Are you prepared to take them for a 30-60 minute most days?


  • Are you prepared to do at least a 5 minute training session with them daily?

  • Are you prepared for continuing to toilet train your puppy?

  • Are you prepared to take your puppy for their 12 week and 16 weeks vaccinations?

  • Are you prepared for your puppy to want to chew everything from your bed to your shoes? Are you prepared to read and implement strategies to reduce the damage to your possessions and teach them appropriate behaviour?

  • Are you prepared to teach them to not inappropriately bark?

  • Are you prepared to train your puppy in the rules of your house?


  • Are you prepared to involve your Lappie in your life- take them to friends houses with you, to cafes, allow them to hang out in your house with you?


  • Are you prepared to care for your Lappie for the next 15 years?​​

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