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the finnish lapphund breed

Finnish Lapphunds are a very unique and special breed. They are an ancient breed, but one whose history is so intertwined with humans that it gives them an uncanny emotional intelligence and kinship with man. They are an exceptionally healthy purebred breed, due to thousands of years of natural section in a harsh environment, and the careful guardianship of the modern Finnish breeders. They are a dog breed that varies greatly in appearance, while still having the hallmarks of a Lapphund, and with each Lappie being individually unique and beautiful.  Learn about our special breed in each section below. 

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Finnish Lapphunds have a rich and fascinating history. Learn about their origins, to present day. 

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Learn about Lapphunds health and the health testing we undertake to keep our breeding program in optimum health. 

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A place for the questions that we are asked that are not covered in other areas of our website. 



Learn about the Finnish Lapphund temperament, and if they will be the perfect match for your family. 


coat colours

Lapphunds are all beautiful in their own unique way. Learn about the coat colourings and patterns of the breed. 

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breed clubs

Finnish Lapphunds have a vibrant international community. Learn about the key breed clubs and groups here. 

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