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coat colourings

Lappies have a wide array of colour colourings, markings and variations, making each individual Finnish Lapphund uniquely beautiful. While some dogs of the same breed all look very similar, Lappies are not 'a cookie cooker breed'. No coat colour that we have in Australia is considered more or less desirable than another, and we cherish the wide array of colours and markings in the breed.

Puppies are typically born with darker or less face markings, with their markings developing as they mature. Due to the mode of inheritance, a puppy may have the same coat colouring of its parents, or it may not, it's a lovely surprise for us during each litters arrival. Below are photos of Orical Lappies of differing coat colours. This is very simplistic information about the coat colourings in our breeding.

black and tan

Our black and tan colouring ranges from a 'tan' that is more of a white or a cream colouring, through to a golden colour, through to a rich orange-like colouring. Even though the tan colouring varies greatly among the Lappies below, they are all still 'black and tan'.

The black in our black and tan colouring can be a deep black, through to a mottled black, through to a colouring that appears burgundy like (especially  if they spend time in the sun, which can 'bleach' the coat).

71% of our puppies have been black and tan.


Our cream colouring ranges from white, through to 'blonde' through to a dark cream colour. Occasionally cream puppies may have a small amount of white markings on their face. They cream colouring can change to appear slightly lighter or darker depending on the season and coat drops. 

17% of our puppies have been cream coloured. 

Domino- black and brown

Domino is technically a coat pattern, not a colour, but we won't get too technical here for the time being. It is a banding of colouring in the coat, resulting in 'husky type' markings. Our lines have both black domino and brown domino. Some of the domino in our lines produces a 'golden hue', which is quite specific to one particular line in the breed. This light/golden hue keeps us on our toes when they are babies in terms of identifying their coat colouring/patterning; they almost appear to be dilute (lilac or blue domino), but this hasn't been the case. 

6% of our puppies have been domino. 

Brown and tan

The brown coat colouring can vary in intensity, from a light ginger through to a rich red. The visable coat colouring is also influenced by time spent in the sun, which can lighten the brown colouring.

5% of our puppies have been brown and tan.

wolf sable

Wolf sable is a pattern of banding of various colourings which can range from dark, through to light, and with differing facial markings as seen below in the brothers.

1% of our puppies have been wolf sable.