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and refunds

Our focus is on the happiness and wellbeing of our puppies and puppy owners. We provide a thorough health guarantee and our refund policies and rehoming services is puppy and owner-centric. 

health guarantee

We provide a 5 year genetic health guarantee with all of our puppies. 


If your puppy develops a genetic disease or disorder that causes death or serious illness within the first five years of its life, we provide you with a full refund or replacement puppy (whichever you prefer).

In the highly unlikely event of this occurring, we would require all relevant veterinary reports and health records to be supplied to ourselves immediately and the we may elect to have the dog examined by our chosen veterinarian.


In the event of the dog dying due to seizures or other neurological incidents, our health warranty is void if the dog has used Bravecto, Nexguard or other tick prevention drugs from the Isoxazoline class at any time during its life.

Deposit refund

We only request for a deposit to be paid for a puppy once a litter is born and we have confirmed that there will be a puppy for you in the litter.

If you change your mind for any reasons between paying the deposit and picking up your puppy, your deposit is returned to you in full. 

puppy returns and refund

We want for our puppies and our puppy owners to have the very best lives together and we are here to support you through all stages of your puppies life.

In the unlikely event of an owner needing to return a puppy, they may be returned to us within four weeks of adoption and be provided with a full refund.

rehoming service

Every puppy owner starts out with the best intentions to have their puppy for the puppies entire life. Unfortunately, life is unpredictable, and sometimes situations or events occur which means an owner can no longer provide adequate care for their dog.  

We provide life time re-homing for our puppies. They may be returned to us at any point of their life, and we will look after finding a suitable and loving home for them, and providing their new owner with ongoing support and resources.

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