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Guardian program

Be apart of assisting the Finnish Lapphund breed in Australia through the guardian program.

In each litter we usually have one or two puppies available for adoption to families that are happy for them to contribute to the Australian Lappie gene pool in the years to come.


Our guardian family program allows Lappies to live a full and happy life as your beloved family member, while also assisting to continue the breed here in Australia.


Guardian owners fully own their Lappie, and they live a normal life with their family. When they are 14-18 months old we assess them and decide if we would like to include them in our breeding program. If we do, we organise for them to be health tested (we organise this, pay all vet fees, and take them to the appointments). 

We then select who their 'husband' or 'wife' will be, and wait for when the timing is right. When it comes time for their 'honeymoon', we pick them up and they come to stay with us for a short holiday. 


Boys are with us for a very short time, usually 4-7 days for their ‘romantic date’ with their new wife. Girls are usually with us for 1-2 weeks for the ‘honeymoon’ part, they then return to their family for their pregnancy, and then return to us for 2 months for ‘maternity leave’. We do all of the driving, and of course cover all breeding associated vet expenses. 

As a token of our appreciation, guardian puppies have a partial refund when used for breeding, and female puppies have a reduced adoption fee. 


Families are very much involved in their furry ‘grandkids’ lives and are invited to visit their girl and her puppies. We send you very regular photos and updates. Some families use this as an opportunity to adopt their second Lappie. Many guardian owners follow their ‘grandpuppies’ for the years to come, on social media or play dates in person. And then often there’s ‘great grandkids’ to follow and so on. Your Lappie leaves behind a legacy, and helps other families to have the joy of Lappie ownership.  


For further information, please contact us to receive the guardian program information pack.

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