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open days

We regularly hold 'Lappie Open Days at our home, for people to meet our Lappies and ourselves and to learn about the breed. Open days are held in our home, so they go ahead regardless of the weather. Family members and friends are welcome to attend- the more the merrier, we just can't welcome furry members of the family due to biosecurity with young puppies in our home.

We make sure that you can meet a variety of different Lappies, ages, genders and colours, and if you are lucky you just may get to meet some baby puppies as well!

To book in for one of our open days, please RSVP on your selected day below. Our open days are generally on Saturdays, but we do hold the occasional Sunday open day, and open days during the week during school holidays.

We look forward to meeting you at an Open Day!

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