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Resources and support

We set our puppy owners up for success, providing you with thorough resources, initial and ongoing support- to help to give you and your puppy the very best life together. 

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orical puppy Preparation checklist

Our to-be Orical puppy owners are given a copy of our famous 'Puppy Preparation Checklist'. This guides you through the process of preparing to welcome your puppy ensuring that you feel well prepared for your puppy. 

puppy Raising resources
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Our to-be Orical puppy owners are given access to our:

  • Equipment List

  • Fresh Food Suppliers List

  • Diet and Weight Fact Sheet

  • Puppy Socialisation Resources

  • Before you get your puppy eBook

  • Resources about introducing your puppy to existing furry family members

  • Video course and eBook on toilet training

  • Preventing Reactivity Factsheet

  • Perfect Puppy eBook

  • Clicker Training videos

  • Preparing your House for a Puppy eBook

  • Preparing your house for a puppy checklist

  • Driving home with your Puppy Fact Sheet

  • At Night with Your Puppy Fact Sheet

1 on 1 puppy raising coaching by zoom
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All of our puppy owners are provided with 10 x 1 hour Zoom/Phone sessions, with qualified dog trainer and Lappie expert Katrina Long. 

We recommend you book in your first session for the week prior to welcoming your puppy home, and then one each week thereafter. 

Katrina will expertly guide you to instil excellent canine manners in your puppy, setting a wonderful foundation for their life with you. 

Puppies go through various stages as they are developing- you will need to work on them settling at night, toilet training, the baby shark stage of mouthing. Katrina's coaching sessions will give you advice specific to your home and family. We have an online calendar for ease of booking in your puppy coaching sessions. 

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Access to the orical puppy webinars, held monthly

We hold monthly webinars for owners of puppies aged 2-12 months, where we discuss puppy raising topics and answer Orical puppy owner questions.

Our webinars are run by Katrina, who provides fabulous advice and training on puppy raising and care topics. 

litter Facebook messenger chat group

For each of our litters, we have a group message through Facebook Messenger, with all of the puppy owners and ourselves. This serves as a wonderful place for puppy owners to ask day to day questions, share photos and updates with their puppies family.

Many of our litter families meet us for regular play dates with their puppy siblings, and some have annual birthday gatherings for their puppies. We have one litter family who has been meeting up each year for the past 7 years, to celebrate their puppies birthday- cake and all!

Lifetime support

We are here for you and your Lappie- for life. We are always happy to assist with advice and recommendations, and love sharing in the life of your Orical Lappie. 

Lauren and Katrina are contactable by phone, email and Facebook Messenger. Each puppy we breed has a special place in our heart, and we will always be there for them- and their owners. 

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