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Ruska & Dazzle

We are excited to welcome our Chocolate litter! 

We are really excited about this litter as it brings together some stunning lines. The puppies pedigree contains five Lappies whose frozen semen we have imported, and two Lappies we have imported.  Both Ruska and Dazzle are lovely examples of the breed, Ruska is average size for a female Lappie, and Dazzle is smaller than average. 

Ruska is a sensible and intelligent girl, I call her 'brown Asta' as she reminds me so much of her great grandmother, my beloved Asta', who is well known for her intelligence and wisdom.

Dazzle is a calm boy whose motivation in life is affection and love.

We are excited to meet Ruska and Dazzle's babies.


Ch Orical Stack the Deck (AI)

DOB: 15.12.2021

Hip score: 5/5

Elbow score: 0/0

Eye test: Healthy- 10.3.2023

DNA: PRA carrier

Titles: Australian Championship, Working Pack Dog Novice (WNPD)

Size: 12kg

Coat colour: Brown and tan

Temperament: Intelligent, sensible, affectionate

MEET dazzle

Orical Kullan Kastanjan (AI)

DOB: 6.10.2021

Hip score: 4/4

Elbow score: 0/0

Eye test: Healthy- 10.8.2022

DNA: PRA clear

Titles: None

Size: 14kg

Coat colour: Cream

Temperament: Easy going, people focused, affectionate

pedigree for litter
Screen Shot 2024-03-06 at 10.08.55 pm.png

We are excited to announce Ruska has been confirmed pregnant!!! 

Ruska US_edited.jpg
Litter Information 

Litter date of birth: 24/06/2024

Puppies information: 2 Black and Tan Boys, 1 Brown and Tan Boy, 1 Black and Tan Girl 

Meet the puppies day: 03/08/2024 

Puppy preparation checklist needs to be completed by owners and returned to us by: 07/08/2024 

Puppy allocation day: 08/08/2024

Puppies departure day: 19/08/2024 

Adoption fee: $5,500

Week one photos
Week two photos
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