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Our super puppy program

Breeders can have a HUGE impact on their puppies development. At this age they are sponges who are ready and eager to learn. We use this time to teach them essential skills for life, to give both them, and you, the very best start together. 


We provide each puppy with individual and comprehensive training to better assist them to assimilate into your family and provide a foundation of skills for their life. 

importance of the first 8 weeks

The effort we put into the first 8 weeks of your puppy's life greatly assists in shaping their future. 


Exercise, enrichment and stimulation are more than just entertainment for the puppies. Scientific studies have shown that puppies who are raised in a stimulus rich environment, who have toys, exercise and challenges, have larger brains with more neuro connections than puppies raised in a stimulus poor environment. The stimulation actually causes the puppies to grow more brain cells, up to 5% more more brain mass, with up to 25 to 200% more neuro connections. Furthermore, studies have shown that the area of the brain where these new brain cells form is the area related to learning, memory and emotional response. This is consistent with the findings of scientists that animals raised in enriching environments demonstrate increased learning ability with better memory retention and appear more stable, less fearful and better able to recover from stressful or frightening things.  

our super puppy program

Lauren has long had a special interest in how to best optimise the neonatal and early puppy development stages. Over the years attending conferences, workshops, courses and facility tours held by Guide Dog Breeding facilities and schools, defence force canine breeding facilities, the International Working Dog Breeding Association, Puppy Culture, Avidog as well as reading extensively published papers regarding puppy development. 


From the learnings of these activities, Lauren developed a structured puppy socialisation and training program. It is an extremely thorough and robust program, containing appropriate enrichment, socialisation experiences and training for each stage of puppy development. 


Each and every one of our puppies is taken through this program by us, in order to give them the best start to their life. We spend a great deal of time with each of our puppies taking them through our Super Puppy Program. For the first few weeks of life it's approximately 5-10 hours per week with a litter, increasing each week as as the activities evolve to suit the age of the puppy. By the time a litter is 6 to 8 weeks of age we are spending 15-20 hours per week with a litter, just doing the Super Puppy Program with them (then of course there's cleaning, monitoring, cuddling, playing, chilling time with them outside of the Super Puppy Program). We feel this time is an investment in our puppies future, and gives our puppy owners the very best possible start with their puppy.


Each item in our Super Puppy Program is in place to assist our puppy owners to have a well adjusted furry family member who:

  • Has a well developed brain that is better able to learn, cope with stressors and have stable emotional responses. 

  • Is calm during storms.

  • Allows you to handle and examine them with ease. 

  • Stands calmly on a vet table and allows a vet to examine them.

  • Is well mannered and appropriate in various environments.

  • Is learning to accept grooming including nail trims, brushing, bathing and blow drying

Our training component of our Super Puppy Program includes:


  • Clicker training

  • Focus training

  • Sitting on command

  • Dropping on command 

  • Recall (come) foundations

  • Getting them used to sounds such as fireworks, thunder, playgrounds, traffic

  • Getting them used to being examined on a vet table

  • Getting them used to having their nails trimmed

  • Getting them used to being bathed, blow dried and brushed

  • Toilet training

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