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transport interstate and overseas

Do you live outside of NSW or the ACT but would love to welcome an Orical puppy? We are experienced with transporting puppies interstate and overseas. 

We are experienced with transporting puppies interstate, including to Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia. We are also experienced in transporting puppies overseas, and have transported puppies to the United States, Canada and Singapore. 

how are puppies transported?

Puppies are transported by air, domestically with Virgin Airlines, and Internationally there are a number of airline options. Pets are transported in the cargo hold, in a climate controlled environment. Within Australia, and coming into/out of Australia, dogs are not permitted to travel in the cabin like they are in many countries in the Northern Hemisphere.

Dogs travel in an airline approved crate for the duration of their flight, with a basic bed, and water supply. They aren't to travel with any toys or loose objects within their crate. Dogs aren't to be medicated for the flight. 

At their destination, pets are collected from a cargo depot that is on the outskirts of the airport. Each pet remains within their crate from the moment we drop them off with Virgin at Sydey Airport, to the moment you collect them at your cities airport. 

How do puppies handle the flight?

We find our puppies handle the flight remarkably well. Lappies are a very optimistic breed of dog, they see the positive in situations and find joy in every moment. They also generally have a calm confidence about them, and a very trusting nature. These personality traits mean that they are generally very comfortable to undertake a flight to their new home- and are just so happy to see you on the other side!

Our puppies receive crate training when they are 6+ weeks of age, which assists them with being comfortable within a crate if they fly to their new family.

What are the requirements for flying a puppy?

It is very easy for a puppy to fly domestically within Australia. We handle the flight booking, with bookings needing to be at least 3 days in advance.

The cost of the flight is borne by the new owner, and it is generally $300-$500, depending on which airport they are flying into, the size of the dog, and whether you wish to hire or purchase the crate that they travel in.  

During the warmer months, we organise flights to depart/arrive either earlier in the morning, or in the evening.

We are located 90 minutes from Sydney airport, and are comfortable taking puppies to the airport for their flight. 

Some states require additional paperwork, or specific worming, for a puppy/dog to enter the state. We are familiar with the requirements of each state and handle these requirements.

Puppies can fly domestically from 8 weeks of age. 

For international travel, it is surprisingly easy for a puppy to fly from Australia to an international destination, as we are a rabies free country. We have a great deal of experience importing/exporting dogs, and can provide you with assistance and assist in ensuring your countries requirements are met. The cost of international flights varies greatly depending upon the destination and the size of the dog, but is generally AUD$2,000 to AUD$5,000. 

Puppies need to be a minimum of 12 weeks of age before departing for an international destination, and they need to undertake additional vet work prior to departure. 

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