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Kaci completes her Qualification

One of my passions in life is education. I believe in lifelong learning, and endeavour to support others throughout their learning journeys. My professional background is in vocational education, and within my dog breeding career I seek to support others in gaining nationally recognised qualifications within the animal services sector.

Our staff undertake either or a combination of the following courses as part of their employment:

  • Certificate II in Animal Care Services

  • Certificate III in Animal Care Services

  • Certificate IV in Animal Behaviour and Training

  • Certificate IV in Animal Facility Management

We also from time to time, take on students who require a work experience placement for their course.

Recently we celebrated Kaci completing her Certificate III in Animal Care Services qualification, well done Kaci! Kaci started employment with us in 2021 straight after finishing Year 12, and in her job Kaci assists with providing day to day care for our dogs and puppies. Kaci is such an amazing part of our team and the dogs all adore her.

Kaci has diligently worked through her course with Tafe NSW. We have a wonderful customised program with Tafe where our staff/students undertake their course during work time, through webinars with their Trainer and online learning. Assessments are conducted through video calls- with the wonders of technology they don't need to step foot in a classroom and it can all been completed during their usual working hours.

Our thanks to Tafe for their ongoing support of our students and our training program.

Congratulations Kaci!


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