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Katrina Co-Owner of Orical

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves- WS.

Throughout my journey as a breeder I have had a number of very special people who have been so very impactful in the contribution they have made to building and supporting Orical. People who have been valued mentors in my early days. People who have assisted with insights into breeding decisions. People who have accompanied me on crazy showing trips, sports trials, helped in incredible ways with training and caring for my Lappies and my breeding. Each of you have left a little imprint of yourselves in the heart of the magical being that is ‘ORICAL’.

There is one person in particular though, that has been a part of Team Orical for the past 7 years, who has contributed so, so much, and has been so integral in everything that makes Orical, Orical. Katrina Long.

Katrina is a long term Lappie owner, in fact she had her first Lappie before I did, in 2005. Fast forward a number of years, Meeko had sadly passed, and years had gone by. It was time for Katrina to welcome another Lappie to her life, and in particular she wanted for her son Jordan to share in the joy of Lappie ownership. She came along to one of my open days, which at that time were picnics in Sydney parks. To the left is a photo I took on this day, of a 6 year old Jordan with Karri and Mushka.

Shortly thereafter Katrina welcomed an Asta daughter, Willow. Pictured on the right is Katrina, Deryck and Jordan on the day they took Willow home.

As time went on, Katrina decided to give showing a go, and she achieved Willow’s Australian Championship title, wonderful!

A little time passed and I had bred an outstanding puppy, one of those puppies that you just know needs to go somewhere special, and be shown. I offered her to Katrina….. and hence began the phenomenal journey that has been Akela and Katrina, and then subsequently with Akela's kids and grandkids. Pictured below is Jordan, visiting a young Akela.

Our friendship grew, as did Katrina's love and devotion to the breed, conformation showing and dog sports. I remember when she first told me she was buying a gazebo to take to shows, next was the show trolly.... she was hooked, and in love!

Little did any of us know at the time, what a very special future Katrina had in the breed and the pedigree dog world in NSW, and what a tremendous impact Katrina would have. Boy were we all in for such a treat!

Katrina was soon mentoring new exhibitors, training in dog sports and volunteering for the Finnish Lapphund Club of NSW.

Over the years Katrina has:

  • Gained the Australian Championship title for 12 Orical Finnish Lapphunds

  • Gained the Grand Championship title for 2 Orical Finnish Lapphunds

  • Gained the Neuter Championship title for 4 Orical Finnish Lapphunds

  • Mentored and supported 8 Orical Lappie owners to gain their Lappies Championship title

  • Gained the Working Pack Dog title for a number of Orical Finnish Lapphunds

  • Gained the Rally Novce title with 1 Orical Finnish Lapphund

  • Gained the Endurance title for 2 Orical Finnish Lapphunds

  • Been awarded 4 x Best in Specialty Show wins with Akela, 3 of which were under overseas breed specialists

  • Been awarded 1 x Best in All Breeds Show with Primrose, Akela’s daughter

  • Served as the Secretary and Show Secretary for the Finnish Lapphund Club of NSW. Currently is Vice President.

  • Achieved her Certificate III in Companion Animal Services qualification

It is safe to say that Katrina is well and truely committed to the breed, and is such an amazing person to have in the NSW Lappie community.

The part that always makes me the most proud- Katrina has always, and continues to show, the very best sportsmanship to others and is always willing to assist others. No matter what kennel their dog is from, or what breed they have. Whether it is with advice for showing, grooming, diet, behaviour and training, Katrina gives her time and knowledge so generously to others. We are all so fortunate to have Katrina as part of our world.

Given Katrina’s immense contribution to the breed and to Orical, and that she represents everything I seek to emulate in Team Orical, I recently asked Katrina to join me as co-owner of the Orical prefix, and she has accepted. A very happy moment for both of us! Here is us on the right celebrating.

Thank you Katrina for all of your contributions over the years, and here’s to a successful and enjoyable future for our Orical.

Kaikkea hyvää,

All the best,


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